Why Use Webinars?
Webinars are cost-effective and time-efficient.

Companies that want to maximize the results they get from investing their training dollars are using webinars, as their primary solution for online leadership training and development. When you implement this training solution, leadership development becomes an exciting, motivating experience.

Here are the benefits you can expect when you book Grouptech as your webinar speaker:

It's Simple

Your employees need a computer and about 60 minutes of their time to do online seminars. That’s all it takes for them to participate in Joel’s fast-paced, information-packed presentation.

It's Interactive

Grouptech’s presentations go beyond just speaking with slides. He engages his audience with a high level of interaction through audience polls, custom surveys, and live Q&A with immediate feedback.

It Puts Employees in Control

By providing your people with online trainings, which may include additional links or other resources, you give them the opportunity to learn at their own pace. When your employees are given power over their learning, they feel that their unique learning needs are being respected; this makes their training far more effective.

It’s a Front Row Seat

A webinar is LIVE! Participants will interact with Grouptech in real time, asking questions, getting answers. People will feel like Grouptech is speaking directly to them, telling his inspirational stories and sharing his expertise in a very warm, personal way.

It’s a Skill Development Tool

It’s becoming more of a virtual world every day. Using webinars for corporate training allows your employees to develop their virtual communication skills quickly and easily. Webinars use a social learning approach, by which your people can connect, interact, and share ideas with each other in a virtual environment. Now they are able to function and communicate both in the real and the virtual world.

It's Affordable

You won’t incur travel expenses or take hours away from the office. You can train any number of participants simultaneously. People can watch individually, or you can gather your entire leadership team into one conference room so they will experience the webinar together. Then follow up with a discussion of how they will implement their newly acquired strategies.

It's Recordable

Unlike traditional trainings, it’s extremely easy (and cost-effective) to record the entire webinar. Participants can review the presentation multiple times, revisit the materials for reference, and apply the lessons learned. And they can watch on their own time if they were unable to attend the live presentation. The potential reach of your message doesn’t stop with your current webinar attendees.

It's Scalable

This is one time when size doesn’t matter. You can scale your webinar trainings from 25 participants to 500. Your participation will increase exponentially, because scalable trainings create a wider appeal and a broader reach. Bring in participants from different departments, different disciplines, even different geographical locations. Scalable training supports diversity throughout the organization.

It's Global

Webinars can reach your employees all over the world. Whether in real time or on-demand, people can participate as part of the team, even if they are in Rome or Roanoke. Your global employees benefit from the ease of use and convenience of participating in the webinar from any location – you only need access to the internet for this online training. Webinars save time, money, and effort because you can have the best in leadership development without traveling to attend.