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Executive Leadership Training Program

Your leaders deserve every advantage you can offer them. Existing leaders need to hone their skills and prepare themselves to move ahead. Potential leaders need to be discovered, motivated, and trained to succeed. Your well-trained leaders are the secret to creating transformational change within your company.

Grouptech’s executive leadership program training creates greater alignment among your people. They are conducted with small groups of 10-15 leaders that you will select. They are intensive and comprehensive, a six-month growth experience comprised of eleven different training components:

1. Intake meeting with company leaders

2. A half-day leadership workshop

3. Meeting with participant’s manager

4. One-on-one executive coaching

5. Group executive coaching

6. Virtual group discussions

7. Peer executive coaching

8. Regular progress updates

9. Just-in-time coaching

10. Unlimited email support

11. Online library of learning materials

Each Executive Leadership Development Program includes the following:
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  • An individual development plan, customized for each participant. This plan is designed to facilitate participants reaching both personal and corporate goals.
  • Continuing interaction with your executive coach. Grouptech works one-on-one with each leader, holding them accountable for keeping their promises, progressing through their development plan, and implementing new behaviors on the job daily.
  • Broadened exposure throughout your organization by building a cross-functional network of leaders through small class sizes (12-15 per cohort), and participating in peer mentoring groups
  • Continued reinforcement of key concepts through large group discussions, small group activities, individualized coaching, and self-reflection exercises.
  • A variety of tools and input from both the coach and peers enables participants to create job-specific strategies they can apply immediately.
  • A broadened perspective that comes from six months of intensive engagement with the coach and their peers enables individual leaders to believe in and support the big company picture.

The Major Benefits for Your Leaders

This in-depth program will facilitate engagement and collaboration among members of your team.

The time you invest in an executive leadership development program becomes a unique opportunity to motivate and accelerate the growth of your leaders, both individually and collectively.

Think about which of these outcomes is important to you:
  • To have our leaders grow at an accelerated pace
  • To further develop the leaders of today—and tomorrow
  • To increase employee engagement and retention
  • To develop a pipeline of leaders
  • To find undiscovered leaders
  • To grow our talent in-house

All of these outcomes are available to you through Joel’s executive leadership training. And even better, you can work with Grouptech to create a customized theme that focuses on one or more key issues facing your company right now.

Program Themes

Grouptech offers a variety of program themes in order to customize his presentation and coaching to meet your company’s needs. You can choose any one of these five themes that best meets your overall company objectives.


4 Ways to Convey Confidence and Command Respect as a Leader

Developing Influential Leaders:

Five Traits That Create High-Impact Leadership

The Power of Perception:

Reputations Are Built on Perception

Career Advancement:

Release Untapped Potential of Underutilized Leaders

Make Time for the Work That Matters:

Three Ways to Prioritize Your Work for Maximum Impact

The results you can expect from Grouptech’s Leadership Training Program

  • You will improve your leadership team’s ability to operate as a high performing and strategically focused team.
  • You will define the required behaviours and agreements that are required to increase real collaboration, performance, and the desired “culture” within your company.
  • You will further your team’s capabilities as mission-critical leaders within your evolving organization.

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